Counselling Courses In India

Join one of the finest counseling courses online with a special focus on Psychology, guidance theory, counseling skills, career counseling, art therapy, marriage counseling, psychotherapy, practical counseling techniques and over 10 mock counseling sessions for each student during the year.

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Course Duration = 6 Months
Eligibility = Graduate Degree

Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Course Duration = 1 Year
Eligibility = Graduate Degree

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  • SyllabusCourse contents for both our courses.

  • An Ideal Course
    Enoma's Diploma courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy are ideal for doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, school teachers, school principals, college teachers, sociology graduates, psychology graduates, early childhood educators, social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, and others whose professions require a decent knowledge of counseling and psychotherapy. Those looking to start their own counseling practice will find this course most benefical to them.

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  • Career As A Qualified Counselor
    On course completion, graduates can work as counselors in different cities and towns all over India. Counseling has become a lucrative career and it is much easier to gain suitable employment in schools and educational institutes and get paid well for it. Starting salaries for school counselors range between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 20,000. Those starting their own practice can earn more if they are already counselors, doctors, social workers or psychologists.

    Graduates who wish to start their own counseling center can easily do so. Our course equips you to become a qualified counselor fully educated to offer counseling services to anyone for various issues including teen counseling, couples therapy, group therapy, family counseling, marriage counseling, career counseling, weight loss counseling, sports counseling, AIDS counseling, cancer counseling, grief counseling, old age counseling and more.

    Enoma is an institute that has trained the finest "practicing" counselors in India. Our batch profile include doctors, psychologists, counselors, nurses, mental health specialists, psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, psychology graduates, sociology graduates, and more.

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  • Why Become A Counselor
    The increasing unemployment rates along with the rising number of crime, suicide, scams, diseases, stress, cancers, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, incest, child abuse, rapes, divorces, breakups, family issues and an incredible increase in the percentage of people today becoming disillusioned by the mass media makes certified counselors a sought after profession anywhere. There are hundreds of schools, colleges, organizations and NGOs springing up in India each year. Almost all of them have staff members who are not properly trained or qualified in counseling. You automatically are chosen above all these so-called counseling experts.

    There are thousands of schools, colleges, hospitals, family service centers, clinics, etc. being set up in different parts of India each year. It comes as no surprise that almost every one of these organizations requires a guidance counselor as part of their team. Enoma's is the only counseling course online with in-depth counseling training on offer in 10 major areas of counseling. The course contents are designed to enable you to provide counseling to anyone on any issue.

    You become a certified counselor on course completion and can offer counseling services related to relationships, marriage, teen, premarital, career guidance, sports, weight loss, AIDS, financial, disaster, crisis, educational, old age, terminal illnesses and more.

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  • Diploma Awarded by Enoma
    Students are awarded the Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy on successful course completion. The diploma is sent by courier to every student at the end of the course tenure. The course diploma gives you an immense edge over doctors, psychologists and other graduates with no formal education or experience in counseling. The certification allows you to practice counseling anywhere in India and even start your own counseling center.

    Enoma has earned its high rankings purely based on our efforts in building up an excellent training program and based on the performance of our graduates who work in the counseling field. Enoma offers a private program via digital content formulated by our course director Mr. Savio D'Silva. Our course has been developed over many years with the sole intention (and focus) of training students to become excellent counselors on course completion.

    Director's Message
    This is a refreshingly practical course in counseling that fulfills not only your need to be a counselor but also trains you to earn a living as a professional counselor anywhere in the country. The course assignments, mock counseling sessions and detailed course notes will satisfy your heart's desires and make you feel truly happy deep inside. We train you to become great counselors, not just ordinary counselors. We provide practical training and international exposure to each student that joins our course. It becomes relatively easy to conduct counseling sessions after you complete our course.

  • FeesAn economical course with big rewards later.

  • Quality Online Training Imparted
    Enoma's counseling course has a course forum, mock counseling sessions, question and answer sessions, direct interaction between students and course directors, regular assignments, thousands of pages of course notes and forum posts, global recognition for students through their articles being hosted on our websites, and much more.

    The biggest advantage of Enoma's counseling courses is the fact that the course directors personally train and interact with each and every student registered for the course. This course is most suitable for graduates and post-graduates who are interested in genuinely practicing counseling on course completion. Our graduates are directly or indirectly involved in counseling and allied fields and we are too.

    This is the only digital content course in the world that provides students an opportunity to practice their counseling skills on a real platform that offers relationship counseling services online. We have a counseling service online where people from all over the world can post queries and avail of relationship or career advice from our counseling students and experts.

    We are proud to say that Enoma offers top notch counseling services to anyone living anywhere in the world 24x7. Students get the opportunity to give counseling to real people from over 100 countries through our website. This training forum guarantees that every student understands the different aspects of counseling by practicing the same on a genuine platform online.

    Our infrastructure is built on a rock-solid internet network to provide the highest quality of online education available in the best universities and colleges of the world. Our online counseling course is among the finest in the world today with practical training imparted along with the best Ebooks written by top counselors provided in our online library. There are over 20 high quality Ebooks provided to students during the course.

    Great Respect for Counselors Today
    Counseling has become one of the most respected fields in India today. Work just few hours a week providing a much needed service and make a living helping other people. The biggest high for a counselor is the extreme internal satisfaction they get serving people with their expertise in varied areas of counseling. Earlier there would be just 5 odd counselors practicing in the major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Today in each of these cities you have over 50 counselors practicing, earning huge respect and incomes. Many are attached to NGOs and MNCs as well. Top counselors earn thousands of rupees each month practicing just few hours a day, few days a week. Counseling has become one of the most sought after professions in the world with thousands of students opting for courses in Counseling each year.

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