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Join the best counseling courses online with a special focus on Psychology, school counselling, career counseling, art therapy, marriage counseling, psychotherapy, practical counseling techniques and mock sessions for students during the program tenure.

Free Audio Book
Download Savio DSilva's audio book "How To Catch A Liar" for simple, effective and quick ways to know how you can spot or catch a Liar. This audio is surely going to help anyone who seeks to counsel clients in the future. You will know when someone is telling lies or hiding something from you just by listening to this audio book and following the tips inside.

how to catch a liar

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Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy Syllabus

Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy Syllabus

Each course provides thousands of pages of course material that cover every single topic thoroughly. Practical training in most areas of counseling is imparted through case studies, mock counseling sessions and via analysis of past counseling sessions.

Course Eligibility
Bachelor's Degree.
Must be fluent in English.

Great Respect For Counselors Today
Counseling has become one of the most respected fields in India today. Make a wonderful career providing a much needed social service and make a living helping other people. The biggest high for a counselor is the internal satisfaction we get serving people with our expertise in varied areas of counseling. Earlier there would be less than 5 counselors practicing in the major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Today in each of these cities you have over 50 counselors practicing, earning huge respect and decent incomes. Counseling has become one of the most sought after professions with thousands of students opting for counseling courses each year.

Counselling Career
On course completion, graduates can work as counselors almost anywhere in India. Counseling has become a lucrative career and it is much easier to gain suitable employment in schools and educational institutes these days. Graduates of our counselling course can commence practicing on course completion.

Our course equips you to become a counselor fully educated to offer counseling services to anyone for various issues including child counseling, teen counseling, couples therapy, group therapy, family counseling, marriage counseling, career counseling, weight loss counseling, sports counseling, AIDS counseling, cancer counseling, grief counseling, elderly counseling and more.

The Grave Need For Trained Counselors
The increasing unemployment rates along with the rising number of crime, suicide, diseases, stress, cancers, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, incest, child abuse, rapes, divorces, breakups, family issues and an incredible increase in the percentage of people today becoming disillusioned by the mass media makes a well trained counselor a sought after professional everywhere. There are hundreds of schools, colleges, organizations and NGOs springing up in India each year. Many of them have staff members who are not properly trained nor qualified in counseling. You are automatically chosen above these so-called counseling experts.

There are thousands of schools, colleges, hospitals, family service centers, clinics, etc. being set up in different parts of India each year. It comes as no surprise that most of these organizations requires a trained counselor as part of their team. The course contents are designed to enable you to provide counseling to anyone on any issue.

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