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Join the best counseling courses online at SDC Enoma with a special focus on psychology theory, counseling skills, career counselling, psychotherapy, marriage counseling, family therapy, practical counseling techniques and LIVE counseling sessions during the program tenure.

Certificate in Counseling and Psychotherapy
Duration = 12 Months.

Certificate in Counseling Basics
Duration = 2 Months. Course Details

Salient Features Of SDC Enoma's Course
First to offer online counseling courses in India.
24x7 course forum for daily interaction and learning.
Trained over 200 students with excellent feedback.
A top counselor and psychotherapist is your trainer.
Featured in Education Times and top media outlets.
Detailed notes provided on more than 500 topics.
24x7 access to eBooks, material and articles.
Access to over 20 Ebooks during the course.
Access to over 1500 pages of course material.
Fee payment in 2 installments with no interest.
Topic chats & open discussions on the Tea House.
Access to over 1000 posts on life enrichment.
Access to 15 audio books on personality development.
A 'Post It' system to communicate quickly with each other.
A 'Post Box' application to share photos, forwards, etc.
Videos and audio notes on over 150 psychological topics.
Access to over 100 videos on life enrichment by Savio DSilva.
Over 10 practice sessions for each student during the course.
Access to over 120 scripts of past counseling sessions.
Regular interaction with the Course Directors on the forum.
A personal messaging system to send messages to us.
A detailed profile system that helps keep track of your learning.
Practical assignments every month of the course.
Excellent practice offered through LIVE sessions.

Admission Procedure
To apply for admission into our online certificate course kindly follow the SDC Enoma Admission Procedure outlined by the course directors.

Common Questions Asked Before Admission
What is the definition of an Online Course?
- A course offered through the internet by allowing access to course material through a website, forum or email is called an Online Course.

Who offers these online courses?
- This online Counseling and Psychotherapy courses is offered by SDC Enoma, Mumbai. We are an autonomous training institute that is not affiliated to any other educational entity that has been offering online courses since the year 2005. We have trained thousands of students both online and offline since 1999. We do not offer any kind of offline support.

Can a student practice as a Counselor after completing the 1 year course?
- Yes. Students can practice as a counselor in most parts of India after completing our course. Students can apply for jobs as counselors in schools, hospitals, clinics, rehab centers etc. Graduates can start their own practice and can seek complete guidance from our course directors during the entire process.

Can I apply for the courses without completing my graduation?
- No, you cannot. You can apply for our courses only after you are a graduate.

Why has the course duration been extended to 12 months?
- After conducting the 6 months certificate course in Counseling and Psychotherapy for a few years we realized that we could provide in-depth training and more course material if the duration was longer. Therefore we decided to extend the duration of our course.

Who issues the Certificate?
Students are awarded a Certificate by SDC Enoma. The Certificate is sent by courier to you within 45 days of completing the final exams. You can start your own practice or apply for counseling jobs as soon as you complete our online course.

Are there any contact programs with the Directors?
- Students can contact the course directors anytime through the private messaging system or course forum for queries related to the course.

Is there any practical training in counseling given?
- You reply to real counseling queries covering different areas of counseling as part of your course assignments. Students take part in online counseling sessions, analyze past counseling session scripts and write their own articles on course topics to gain more out of the online course.

When does my course start and end?
Your course starts on the day you are granted access to the course forum. Your course ends when you appear for your final exams.

Do we provide any internship training?
- Students have more than enough practical training through monthly assignments, real counseling sessions and forum activities so there is no need of any further training once the course is successfully completed.

Can a student copy during the final exams?
- Students cannot copy during the final exams as the questions are based on real life counseling situations which require real thinking and evaluation rather than copying something from somewhere.

What about the course material?
- We grant students 24x7 access to an online library consisting of over 15 Ebooks. There are over 1500 short notes related to different areas of counseling, psychology and psychotherapy that are provided too. Over 50 videos and audio files on important psychological topics are given to students during the course. SDC Enoma trains you in all aspects of counseling and therapy with a complete emphasis on current trends in the industry.

Can I pay the course fees in installments?
- Yes, there is a provision to pay the course fees in 2 interest-free installments.

Do we accept fees in cash?
- No, we are a Cashless Educational Entity that accepts course fee payments through digital mode such as internet banking, debit card and credit card.

Is there any classroom training involved?
- This is an online course so there is no classroom training provided here.

Do I have to come to Mumbai for my final exams?
- The final exams are held online itself so you do not need to leave your home for the same.

Will I be able to offer all kinds of counseling services after the course?
- Yes, you can. Our training is extensive and complete. Every single student that completes these courses will be very good at counseling others. Our course directors dedicate a lot of time in interacting with students through the forum, personal messages, post it notes, and frequent chats.

Will I get any assistance after completing the course?
- Graduates are granted unconditional access to the course forum for an extra six months after their course ends.

How can I contact SDC Enoma?
- Our contact details are provided inside our Course Video. Please be clear and specific with your query when contacting us. Queries which have already been answered inside our Course Video (or are irrelevant) will not be responded to.

Does the fee include all charges for the course?
- Yes, the course fee includes all charges. You do not need to pay a single rupee more. The fee includes all charges for the online training modules and course material such as forum access, private messaging portal, post it facility, course notes, eBooks, audio books, assignment and exam evaluations, course certificate etc.

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