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Join one of the finest counselling courses online with a special focus on Psychology theory, counselling theory, guidance theory, counselling skills, career counselling, art therapy, marriage counselling, psychotherapy, practical counselling techniques and over 12 mock counselling sessions per student in the year 2014...

Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Course Duration = 1 Year.
Course Eligibility = Graduate Degree.

Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Course Duration = 2 Year.
Course Eligibility = Graduate Degree.

Career As A Qualified Counselor
On course completion, graduates can work as guidance counsellors in different cities and towns all over India. Graduates who wish to start their own counselling center will get complete guidance from us for the same.

Enoma is a private training institute online that has trained some of the finest "practicing" counselors in India. Our batch profile include doctors, psychologists, counselors, nurses, mental health specialists, psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, psychology graduates, sociology graduates, arts graduates, and many more.

Our course equips you to become a qualified counselor fully educated to offer counseling services to anyone for various issues including teen counseling, couples counseling, group therapy, family counseling, marriage counseling, career counselling, weight loss counseling, sports counseling, AIDS counseling, cancer counseling, grief counseling, old age counseling and more.

Kindly Note
This course is offered by Enoma, a private online program that educates, guides and trains students via digital content (online education) and is only meant for those who fully understand the value of learning professional counseling (through thousands of pages of notes online) under the guidance of a top notch course director that equips students (with hundreds of hours of study invested) to become fully qualified guidance counselors.

We are extremely proud to be a private online education program that is not affiliated or connected with any institute out there. We are guided by the principles of high quality education for students who are keen on making counseling a career for themselves and not just looking to receive a worthless "paper" diploma. We are firm on associating with only highly educated students and those that have a strong purpose in their lives.

Additionally, do not expect this course to be an easy one or a cup of tea. Thousands of hours have been invested in building a course that is perhaps one of the best online counseling courses in the world today. You must be passionately interested in this field and be willing to invest few hours each week towards completing course modules efficiently else you will not be able to complete this program satisfactorily. Also, please note that we do not provide any type of false promises or fake things here. Anyone who asks us for something unethical will not be tolerated at Enoma.

Course Features
First to offer online Counselling courses in India.
A top counselor and Psychotherapist is the course director.
24x7 course forum for maximum interaction and learning.
24x7 counselling forum for real counseling practice.
24x7 online library to download EBooks and notes.
24x7 Access to Ebooks, material and articles online.
Mock counselling sessions held during the course.
Research & writing assignments every month of the course.
Q&A sessions every month to discuss and answer queries.
Real counselling practice offered by counselling real people.
Regular interaction with the course directors on the Forum.
Access to 30+ quality Ebooks during the tenure of the course.
Access to 300+ short notes related to counselling and Psychology.

Course Eligibility
Graduation Degree from a Recognised College or University.
Minimum 21 Years of Age at the Time of Applying for Admission.

Documents Required For Seeking Admission
Photocopy of Graduation Degree Certificate.
One recent Photo of the Applicant.

Course Requirements
Must be able to dedicate few hours each week for the course.
Computer or similar device with an internet connection.

Real Counselling Training Imparted
This is the only digital content course in the world that provides students an opportunity to practice their counselling skills on a real platform that offers free counselling services online. We have a counselling service online where people from all over the world can post queries and avail of free relationship advice from our counseling students and experts.

Great Respect for Counselors Today
Counselling has become one of the most respected fields in India today. Counsellors are now amongst the most respected professionals out there.

Work just few hours a week providing a needed social service and make a living helping other people. The biggest high for a counselor is the extreme internal satisfaction they get serving people with their expertise in varied areas of counselling.

Earlier there would be just 5 odd counselors practicing in the major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Today in each of these cities you have over 50 counselors practicing, earning huge respect and incomes. Many are attached to NGOs and MNCs as well.

Top counsellors earn thousands of rupees each month practicing just few hours a day, few days a week. Counselling has now become one of the most sought after professions in Asia with thousands of students opting for courses in Counselling.

Advanced Diploma Course Syllabus

The Advanced Diploma course covers the major areas of Counselling through online lessons, ebooks, short notes, forum interaction, mock counselling sessions and regular assignments.

Diploma Course Syllabus

The Diploma course covers counselling via online lessons, short notes, ebooks, forum interaction, and regular assignments. Both courses provide students with thousands of pages of course material that cover every single topic listed thoroughly. Practical training in most areas of counseling are provided through several mock counselling sessions held during the course tenure and through analysis of real and mock counseling sessions.

Practical Training Online
We are proud to say that Enoma offers free counselling to anyone living anywhere 24x7. Students get the opportunity to give counselling to real people from over 100 countries around the world through our website. This training forum guarantees that every student understands the different aspects of counselling by practicing the same on a genuine platform online.

Our online infrastructure is built on a rock-solid internet network to provide the highest quality of online education available in some of the best universities and colleges of the world.

Our online counselling course is among the finest in the world today with practical training imparted along with the best Ebooks written by top counselors provided in our online library. There are a total of 30+ high quality Ebooks provided to students during the tenure of their course.

Enoma's counselling course has a course forum, dozens of Ebooks, mock counselling sessions, question and answer sessions, direct interaction between students and course directors, regular assignments, thousands of pages of course notes and forum posts, global recognition for students through their articles being hosted on our websites, and much more.

The biggest advantage of Enoma's counselling courses is the fact that the course directors personally trains and interacts with each and every student registered for the course.

This course is most suitable for graduates and post-graduates who are interested in genuinely practicing counselling in India on course completion. Our graduates are directly or indirectly involved in counselling and allied fields and we are too. We do not want anyone joining our course just to earn a "lazy" paper Certificate.

Course Testimonials

Our painstaking efforts and genuine concern for each student has more than paid off in the form of talented graduate counsellors helping thousands of people all over the continent and the world. We are incredibly pleased to offer our online counselling courses to such an elite group of highly qualified and talented individuals.

"I have been attached to this course since the past 10 months and believe me I still feel I am a new student in the sense that everyday there is something new to learn and experience. It is a wonderful course, the entire credit of which goes to our course director, Mr.Savio DSilva, who is always open to new ideas, experimenting and implementing innovative ways to make the course more interesting. If you are sincere and regular in answering the online queries and in completing your assignments then there is nothing to stop you from becoming a good counsellor at Enoma. Should you have any problem, Mr. D'silva is a very, very helpful teacher and guide and of course, we are always there to assist you. All the best!"
- Mridu Rathi (NGO Owner & Top Counselor)

The main reason why I joined this course was my interest in helping others from their problems. Besides this being a homeopath, psychology plays a vital role in practising homeopathic medicine. I always felt that I should reach out to people and help them solve their problems. My vision before joining the course was to open an addiction clinic for smokers and alcoholics and a counseling clinic for children as child health is my specialization. After joining this course I got to broaden my view of thoughts. Each day I get to enrich my thoughts and learn something new. I have attempted topics which are completely out of my knowledge but with research and enthusiasm to do it I could complete it nicely. I can tackle my own emotions at times and it has benefitted me on personal level as well. I can think more rationally and from all perspectives when in crises. A mentor like you is thoroughly a blessing for all of us. You have been there for us and truely spoon feeded us on all occasions. By joining you our articles have gained international exposure and will be there on google for years to come. My heartfelt thnks to you sir. I will keep giving my best to the course and to Enoma in future as well.
Thanks and regards,
Dr. Ankita Marjadi (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor).

Enoma has provided the professional approach to counseling with much ease, convinience and gaining by sharing. The whole team of Director, moderators, co-moderators and seniors are functioning superbly. An equal and unbiased approach to all students. I was never an author and nor was i a computer savy person, but thanks to Enoma as this course has given me the platform to reach to world.Knowledge seems to have no boundaries and i have reached to a basic milestone and would want to travel with Enoma as far as possible.
Thank You.
- Jigna Chinoy (Professional Guidance Counselor)

I am very happy to have joined this course and I am proud to be a part of it. Enoma is highly supportive, educational and enjoyable course. I have got all I need to know, wonderfully covered through assignments, explored through queries. The supervision and guidance by you is excellent Savio DSilva Sir! I have learnt so much, reviewed my skills and it helps me use my skills both on-line, and face-to-face. The benefits are unaccountable. The course has effectively helped me develop my skills and enhance my learning. Forum has given me a tremendous feeling of support and understanding of the course. Being a teacher, this course has helped me to tackle students and parents very effectively. It has also helped me coordinate effectively with my colleagues. The course has genuinely offered me stimulating experience of all the skills and competencies involved for online work. What is covered in this course in six months could take months to learn in a normal institute. I will wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone looking for a good on-line counseling course and wishing to gain greater understanding of counseling. Once again, I thank you Savio Sir for the wonderful opportunity given to me. This course has enhanced my confidence a million folds!
- Mani Mozhi (Child Counsellor)

My deep interest in psychology and mental health counseling and an urge to serve soceity interested me in doing this advanced counseling course at SDC. This course would also help me develop personally from my career point of view therefore I made my decision of doing this course and I feel I have taken the right decision. When I went through the course catalogue and viewed the topics on site, my passion for this course grew even further. I also found it convenient because I could study after work hours living in another country. I joined this course in February and am proud to be a part of it. It gives me inner peace and is developing my skills, knowledge and expertize. I am applying my learned knowledge in practical situations at work. I am able to transform lives and that is the best part of doing this course.

From day one that I begun this course, I am enjoying every bit of it. This course offers challenges at every step. The course topics, indepth knowledge provided, advanced course materials, e-books, books, videos, forums all this is made available by Mr. Savio at a center point; such privileges are difficult to find even at universities. Frankly speaking, I did not enjoy my masters as much as I am enjoying this course. We interact daily, on the forums with peers and begin caring for each other. Slowly I feel like I am being molded into a professional counselor and this is the strength of this course. In this course I learned to meet deadlines, research and my writings are published. This course has not only developed my writing skills and my expertise in the subject but has raised my confidence level. When I answer a query I analyze the situation and provide solutions based on theory and experience. When I find that my solution has been able to help someone the satisfaction I gain raises my motivational level and I feel like putting in more efforts. I receive constructive feedback from Mr. Savio and I respect his straightforwardness. His encouragement makes me feel good about myself. This has been a lifelong learning experience for me. I thank Mr. Savio for making this a wonderful experience for me and for all those enrolled at Enoma.
- Juliet Coutinho (University Counselor)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Enoma for the wonderful training in counseling. I have learnt so much in the past couple of months and also learning as the course takes it. Counseling has been my passion. After a lot of research that I did in the internet, I zeroed on Enoma, as it does not require personal contact sessions and the rating it has, I have been working as a Home Based Medical Transcriptionist and extending to my passion has been a good journey so far. The articles, assignments, chat sessions, study materials, internet links, and your evaluations have been pretty useful and enhances the knowledge. I personally take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful gesture and patience. Indeed blessed are the students of you Sir.
Thanks with Regards,
- Bhavani Raman (Expert Grief Counsellor And Nutritionist).

"Whatever background you are from will not make a difference. Learning human behaviour is an asset and will help you in any field you choose to be. I can assure you that the language is very simple and our course director is an excellent person who is very approachable. He takes lot of interest in his students and I can speak confidently for all my co students that we are definitely benefitting by joining this institute. So go ahead and join in. All the best".
- Anju Kapoor (Child Counselling Expert)

Since I graduated as a nurse I had a thirst in specializing in the field of counselling after seeing a lot of mentally affected patients in hospitals and my best subject was psychiatry. Since then I had been searching through various websites, finally I happened to see this site and went through it and liked it. I enrolled myself into Enoma, I am on the verge of finishing it. As it is said 'with great power comes great responsibility'. Skills of counselling must be used to the right people. Right time and right place.

So whoever has plans to do this course you are not late you are with the right person at the right time and right place..
1. The general course schedule and course flow is good.
2. The contents are vast, in depth and valid.
3. The articles, tips, lessons and topics are excellent.
4. Best books on related topics are from best authors.
5. On-line assignments cover most related articles sent earlier.
6. On-counselling problems very much related to day to day problems in each one's life.
As it is the best ranked counselor in India, Mr. Savio, is a good mentor, motivator, teacher and counselor.
- Mariamma Jose (Top Nurse & Expert Counselor)

I have joined this course to become a counsellor. It has been my objective since I passed out my std. 10. and needed practical exposure to the field, which I am getting from this course. I like listening to people and it gives me immense pleasure when I am able to help them out. I have worked in organizations where I have felt the gap which needs to be filled in by professionals. This course is helping me to be eligible to fill in that gap. After joining this course, I was first overwhelmed by the material provided to us. The ebooks and other material have been of great use to me to understand this field better. I can relate in a better way with people and their problems, by actually being able to put myself in their shoes to solve their queries. But most importantly, I have become much more patient while dealing with things in my own life. I can rationalize with people and situations in a better way. This course has also made me learn to accept criticism gracefully, to work in teams, and at times even to work under pressure, without letting the deadlines take a toll on me. I have also improved on my communication skills both verbal and non verbal. And I hope by the time I finish this course, there will be a lot more that I would have learnt.
- Akshaya Kawle (MBA / Counsellor).

My aim to join this course was to reach out to maximum number of needy people and help them with their problems related to life.I always look forward to encourage and motivate people to face and brace their lives irrespective of the age groups they belong to. To give a lending ear and a strong shoulder to share and care for their burdens to unload with an aim to cure them of their miseries of any kind.

After joining this course I have gained a vast knowledge of all spheres of life. Counseling though has been the aim of this course i would like to submit that apart from that it teaches you how to work systematically. How to communicate relying only on posts. How to share responsibilities and work to achieve your goals as a team.Meeting deadlines both at short and long time of notice. Adhering to rules and making sure of a disciplined aptitude and attitude towards work. This sure shows communication indeed is the key to all our problems. Being their for your colleagues and helping them in their hour of need, like many of our friends have set an example on this forum.

This course teaches as both leadership qualities and skills both at counseling & communicating. So far a very challenging, enriching and learned experience is what i have had. And looking forward for much more in the months to come. Thank You Sir for all the able guidance.
- Dr. Neelu Khanna (Child Counsellor / Dentist)

This course of Counselling and guidance course is developing integration of thinking, feeling and behaviour together with awareness of the social and cultural contexts of counselling. It is designed in a complete sense. By taking this Counselling and guidance course, I am gaining a thorough understanding of what is expected of a Counselor. I will be able to use my newly developed skills to help people in need. It could be people at work, it could be close members of our family and it could be long-time friends. Just think how much they could benefit from my knowledge and experience. Alternatively I can apply for further training or employment in the field of counselling.

The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home the programme takes place over a timescale to suit us. This course is helpful for everyone. The great thing about this learning is that I can study from home or work, at my own pace and in my own time. What’s more, I have fully qualified tutor offering support and guidance through post.It has broadened my horizons and enriched me. I have started taking things in a different manner with very positive attitude.This course has brought a change in me, Sir which is a creditable.
- Neerja Bhatnagar (Expert Counselor)

"You can go ahead in joining this institute. As a student, you will have no boundaries and will learn so much than your expectations from Savio Sir. He will always be there with you in each and every step you take in becoming a good counselor. Whatever be the background, if you have inclination and dedication, you can come out as the best counselor. You will be given a chance to answer to queries while you are doing the course, which I think nobody else is offering in any college. We are also there to help you out.
Good Luck and all the best"
- George Kutty (Expert Counselor)

The best thing, now I realize, that happened to me by joining this course, is to have new friends and well wishers like you around me. I am sure the alumni association that will be generated by this course will go a long way even after we finish it. Sir Savio, please accept my gratitude for this new experience of my life. In fact all of us should be thankful to you for having such wonderful medium of interaction and bringing the like minded people together. Thank you once again.
- Vikas Tayal (Counselor)

I am very much interested in mental and emotional problems of people and want to help them in their tough situations, thats why I have done my homeopathy which is based on mental symptoms. and problems. And it is my dream profession, so when I came to know about this online course, I joined it immediately. It is very good course, with many articles, notes, and books on vast areas, to increase our knowledge and counseling skills..And chat sessions are also very helpful for us, as they have given us guidance and clear our doubts..With this course, I am making my dream come true..
Thanks and Regards,
- Sampati Nanglia (Pro Counselor)

As far as experience is concerned the very first change that i have noticed in me is that I am Improving as a person as in my outlook towards things and the personal situations that I face daily...I can handle things very easily and yes sir my observation skills as in observing human behavior practically have also improved...Plus the article assignments are simply widening my knowledge...I really enjoy this subject...And I have no regrets after joining this course...At the end of the day I am into something which I really wanted to do...And its all possible because of you...thank you for every little thing sir...
Thanks once again...
- Latika Bhojwani (Life Coach).

When i joined this course i wasnt very sure as to how things will be done. but slowly and steadily i was so impressed with the way the assignments were given and grades were given to us. everything was done so perfectly by sir. You have been such a great mentor. All the assignments given to us were designed so beautifully. The course material was vast as well as it provided us an indepth knowledge of every field of psychology. Guiding us and making us do our assignments so well was all because of ur hard work. Admitting me to ur course was itself a big thing for me because being a graduate in commerce. I'm so grateful to Sir for the same.
- Gargi Sharma (School Counsellor).

Initially I could'nt understand things but once I started getting into the tune of it, it got interesting. I like replying to queries as there are cases to which I can relate personally. Its fun and I also get to learn so many things. Till now its been a great learning experience and I hope I get to learn much more.
- Ruby Agarwal (MBA)

I don't have words to express my gratitude for the difference this counseling course and your guidance has personally made in my life. Kind Regards,
- Dr. Shalini (Mental Health Specialist)

Why Be A Counsellor
The rising number of youth crimes, suicides, scams, diseases, stress, cancers, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, incest, child abuse, rapes, divorces, breakups, family issues and an incredible increase in the percentage of people today becoming dellusioned by the media makes certified counsellors a big market anywhere.

There are hundreds of NGOs springing up in Asia each year. Almost all of them have counselors who are not properly trained or qualified in counselling. You automatically are chosen above all these so-called counseling experts.

There are thousands of schools, colleges, hospitals, family service centers, clinics, etc. being set up in different parts of India each year. It comes as no surprise that almost every one of these organisations requires a guidance counselor as part of their team.

Enoma's is the only counselling course online with in-depth counselling training on offer in 10 major areas of counselling. The course contents are designed to enable you to provide counselling to anyone on any issue.

You become a certified counselor on course completion and can offer counselling services related to relationships, marriage, teen, pre-marital, career guidance, sports, weight loss, AIDS, financial, disaster or crisis, educational, old age, terminal illnesses and more.

Diploma Awarded by Enoma
Students are awarded the Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling on successful course completion. The certificate is sent by courier to every student after they submit the prescribed assignments and on completion of the online exam at the end of the course tenure. The Certificate is issued 1 month after the completion of the course. The course diploma gives you an immense edge over doctors, psychologists and other graduates with no formal education or training in counselling. The certification allows you to practice counselling in most parts of India and also charge a premium fee for each counseling session you take up.

Enoma does not have affiliations with any other institute or college in India or abroad and neither are we connected to any official body. We have earned our high rankings purely based on our efforts in building up an excellent training program and based on the performance of our graduates who work in the counseling field. Enoma offers a private program via digital content formulated by our course directors which provide intensive training in guidance and counselling to every student registered. Our course has been developed over many years with the sole intention (and focus) of training students to become good counsellors on course completion.

Director's Message
This is a refreshingly practical course in counselling that fulfills not only your need to be a counselor but also trains you to earn a living as a professional counselor anywhere. The course assignments, mock counselling sessions and detailed course notes will satisfy your heart's desires and make you feel truly happy deep inside. Counseling is a true social service. We train you to become good counselors, not just ordinary counselors. We provide practical training and international exposure to each student that joins our course. It becomes relatively easy to conduct counseling sessions after you complete our diploma courses online.

Common Questions

What is the definition of an Online Course?
- A course offered through the internet by allowing access to course material through a website, forum or email is called an Online Course. Absolutely no learning happens offline or by any other methods. Please do not apply for admission here if you do not understand the meaning of an online course taught via digital content only.

Is this course affiliated to any university or college in India or abroad?
- This course is not affiliated to any university or college in India or abroad. It is an intensive course that fully qualifies you to start your own counselling practice or apply for work in an organisation as a counsellor in India. It is sad if you consider that education needs to be affiliated to another institution when the form of learning is totally different from the ones in practice there.

How much time must be dedicated to complete this course successfully?
- Few hours each week must be devoted towards reading short notes, forum posts, ebooks and completing course assignments in order to successfully complete this course and master the course content.

Who issues the Diploma?
- The Diploma is issued by Enoma. This course is widely recognised as a top ranked counselling course online and is an important course to complete in order to practice counselling in the real world.

Are there any contact programs with the Director?
- Students can contact our course director anytime by email or on the forum for help or other queries related to the online course. Every month the director chats with all the students about the course, answers queries and shares knowledge with the students.

Is there any practical training in counselling given?
- You reply to real counselling queries covering different areas of counselling every week as part of your course assignments. Students also take part in mock counselling sessions and write their own articles on course topics to gain more out of the online course.

When does my course start and when does it end?
Your course starts within 3 days of us receiving the copies of your required documents and the course fees. Course fees can be paid by demand draft, direct bank deposit or a cheque. Your course ends when you appear for your final exam after 12 months (Diploma course) or 24 months (Advanced Diploma course). You must submit all prescribed assignments before the end of your course tenure in order to appear for the final exams.

Are there any practical assignments?
- Students must submit monthly assignments before completing the course. These assignments are completely practical in nature and include counseling real people as well as article writing assignments.

Please tell me about the final exams?
- Students must appear for a final exam which is held online after completing the duration of their courseor after successfully finishing their all prescribed assignments.

Can a student copy during the exams?
- Students cannot copy during the final exams as the questions are usually based on real life counseling situations which require real thinking and evaluation rather than copying something from somewhere.

What about the course material?
- Enoma allows exclusive access to our online digital library consisting of over 30 Ebooks to all students during their course tenure. There are over 300 short notes and articles related to different areas of counseling, psychology and psychotherapy that are provided too. We train you in the basics of Counseling with a complete emphasis on current trends in the Counseling field globally.

Is there any classroom training involved?
- This is an online course so there is no classroom training provided here.

Admissions will commence in the second week of May. The course fees and admission form shall be made available at the same time.

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