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Short Term Online Counseling Certificate Courses

Help others. Serve society. Learn how to counsel others effectively and confidently by joining an intensive crash course in Counseling offered by SDC Enoma.

Certificate in Counseling
Duration = 2 Months.
Fees = Rs.5900.

Salient Features
70 pages of insightful learning provided very single week.
Learn 10 lessons daily. Total of 600 lessons provided.
Access to read the scripts of 60 Counseling Sessions.
Access to post on the Tea House during the course.
Access to read over 1000 posts on life enrichment etc.
Learn counseling directly from Kirti & Savio DSilva, directors of SDC Enoma.
Opportunity to counsel our clients during the final week of the course.

Admission Requirements
1. Must be a Graduate.
2. Must be fluent in English.

Admission Procedure
1. Fill up the Online Admission Form.

2. Submit a copy of your final year statement of marks.

3. Once your application is approved, you will be sent an email from us to pay the fees by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking.

4. Once your fees are paid, you are issued a Fee Receipt and a Course Activation Email within 24 hours.

Help Others With Your Counseling Skills
In the modern world, 1 out of every 3 people is suffering from a Mental Health issue. Millions are depressed, lonely, stressed out, experiencing some Trauma and need someone to talk to. Preferably someone suitably trained in listening to them properly and counseling them effectively.

Short term and intensive counseling courses are the need of the hour. Our own friends, peers and family need the expert guidance of a well trained Counselor.

Graduates of these online courses can save their near and dear ones a lot of money and time by placing themselves in an excellent position to counsel them as and when required.

Course Contents
Our short term Certificate course in Counseling offers 24x7 access to over 600 pages of detailed notes.

The sole objective is to train our students to become good counselors on completion of the intensive training.

Certificate in Counseling
Basic Counseling Skills,
Counseling Theory,
Psychology Theory,
60 Counseling Steps.

Message By Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
The certificate course is a basic yet intensive courses in Counseling conceptualized by our course directors at SDC Enoma.

The purpose of offering this short term course is to equip students with the core skills needed to counsel their friends, family and clients effectively.

The course material has been designed over a span of more than 15 years. Each page of study is an absolute must to read and understand in order to complete our training program.

This certificate course will train you to help others in society who directly need the help of an effective counselor in their daily lives.

You can easily counsel teenagers and adults with the counseling skills that you acquire during this exclusive online training program.

24X7 Tea House Access
The Tea House and the Gobog Blog our sacred and creative spaces on the internet where visitors from over 150 countries come to read the interesting and varied content that are contributed by our students and directors.

As a student of our online counseling course, you will gain access to post on the Tea House for the entire period of your course.

24x7 Post Box Access
Students of our Certificate course in Counseling get round the clock access to use the Post Box facility on Cafe Enoma.

This online application is a simple and easy way to share information in text or pictures that you think other students will find interesting to see and read.

Certificate by SDC Enoma
Students receive a prized Certificate in Counseling by SDC Enoma on completion of their online training.

The Certificate is emailed to the students on the same day as they complete their learning with us.

The option to have your certificate sent to you by courier is available at the nominal cost of Rs.500.

Kindly note that a student can either opt for the PDF certificate on their email or a hard copy sent via registered post or courier. Not both.

Common Questions
Can I start counseling others after completing the certificate course?
- Yes, of course. You can counsel your students, friends, family and just about anyone else who is in need of your expert counseling skills.

Who offers this online certificate course?
- SDC Enoma, the first institute to offer an online counseling course in India provides this course.

Can a student practice as a Counselor after completing this course?
- Yes. Students can practice as a counselor in most parts of India after completing our course.

However, it is vital that students get themselves trained for a longer duration of time to be able to help others with their counseling skills a lot more effectively.

Do I get access to counseling session scripts?
- Yes, each student gets exclusive access to the scripts of 60 counseling sessions that are conducted on our private and secure platform over the last 15 years.

Thee scripts give students great insight into how to counsel others effectively and confidently.

Are there any exams during the course?
- There are no exams during the course. However, every student must complete the reading of every single page of the course notes and the counseling session scripts to be granted the course certificate.

Who has designed the course material?
- The course material has been designed and written by the course directors and graduates of our counseling courses.

Every single page of the course notes provided is important to train each student to counsel others effectively.

How do I pay the course fees from outside India?
- You can pay the course fees through PayPal using their secure payment gateway. You will be given our official email to make the payment as soon as you clear the admission process.

Can I get the Certificate even without completing the course?
- No, you cannot. Counseling is a noble and responsible vocation. Please do not apply for admission if you are not sincere enough to complete your training properly.

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